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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 8, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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yoplait! live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning at 5:00 a.m. and we all have a little bit of a basketball hangover but we will get back on track. >> no one has lot their spirit. >> meteorologist mike nicco boy, summer is back. >> be careful what you ask for. it is going to be hot. how hot? justify that there is a heat advisory for all neighbors but for the coast, san francisco and the north bay valley, at 90's to 100s. the exploritorium is quiet and the water could be inviting later today although it is in the 50s. we are 56 to 64 the 12 hour day planner and starting off warm.
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68 at the coast with lingering clouds to noon and 90 inland and 66 to 98, so a 30-degree video at 4:00 and warm at 7:00. yesterday we had a 40-degree spread between pacifica and antioch. >> okay, a few folks on the highways have steam coming from their ears. >> mother nature is leaving us -- not leaving us hanging in the balance but the traffic now is lacking smooth. you are seeing a few extra cars moving along in the westbound correction and that is i-80 through berkeley so headlights up to the maze not finding any delays and my computer is working you can see the bay bridge toll plaza it is quiet. everyone is stuck in bed hoping that yesterday was a nightmare. >> we have tomorrow. >> improve it tomorrow. >> lines are forming outside the apple conference in san francisco today. all eyes are on c.e.o. tip cook
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-- tim cook would gave abc an interview that aired last night as look. we are at the mascone center. amy? >> yes, look at the people already in line stretching all the way down 4th street. all are anxious to get into to developers' conference people at the front of line say they got her at 4:00 yesterday afternoon! they are excited to see what new treats apple has in store. we met people from michigan and all the way to sweden. a lost enthusiasm this morning. c.e.o. tim cook sat down with abc7 for an interview yesterday that aired last night at 11 o'clock saying that it is always fun to see everyone at the conference and people are waiting outside say though agree. >> mostly when you enter this is a family, and it is a close
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family. we are not the transaction am company that brings people together. this is a very tight community and tight communities hope each other. >> we have been talking to guys from all over the world from canada australia sweden and even michigan. it has been fun. >> here is what it looked like inside the conference last year. the keynote address is the big drew. the people in the line this morning say they are camped out here so they can get a good seat for the speech. apple is expected to announce a new streaming service music service, and a new apple tv and enhancements to the other systems. the conference will be here all the way through friday. we are excited to let you know our news app is available for the apple watch. you can use the p.c. on get breaking news real time news
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and personal i'd alerts on your wrist. it is flow from apple's app store at abc7 bay area or visit abc7 >> there will be a news conference this morning to discuss a fail police shooting in watsonville. officers found an armed man on saturday near the river in a homeless encampment run into a problemy area across the river where investigators say he shot one of the officers in the stomach. police returned fire killing the man. >> we her the shots and two or three shots. >> the officer who was wounded is expected to survive. he is described as a seasoned veteran in the department. this is the first time in more than a decade a watsonville officer has been wounded in the line of duty. >> we know the name of a teen killed during an illegal straight race in cloverdale in sonoma. a car hit 16-year-old on friday night. the crash sent her flying off of
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a bridge into the batches of the russian river. her body was found the next morning. the highway patrol said they have identified several juvenile suspects at least one will likely face charges. >> a 50-year-old man is recovering after getting into a fight for senating a woman at a restaurant. it happened at the pizza shop, the man said she should not eat pizza because she was overweight. the woman on was with her son got interest an argument with the man. she went to her car to grab a crowbar but before she had a chance to take a swing police say her son punched man in the head and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> developing news, it sounds like a jail break sorry out of hollywood, two violent killers busted out of a mack security prison in upstate new york. we have the latest on the manhunt. >> officials say right now they are following up open every tip: two convicted killers are
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fugitives on the run and this morning, authorities are offering a reward of $50,000. >> though could be literally anywhere. >> the two discovered missing on saturday morning after escaping from new york's largest maximum security prison in upstate new york through concrete walls, steel grates and pipes six stories high. they crawled out of this manhole and got away. >> richard is serving 25 years to live for kidnapping and beating a man to death and dismembering him. and david sweat behind bar force life convicted killing a sheriff deputy shooting him 22 times. >> the dangerous couple left behind a net telling authorities to have a nice day. >> a source told abc that a female prison worker was questioned by police and has been removed from her post. >> the good news is there will be a game 5 at oracle arena bad
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news, of course, is the worse lost farmer two of the nba finals in overtime to cleveland. it was lay thompson not evening stick who kept the dibs in the game scoring 32 points and then it was tied and we go to overtime. james jones misses and matthew gets fouled and he made both free throws and four seconds forecast and in time and steph curry goes up the near and continues it over and warriors lose in overtime. the series new is tied 1-1 bedpans not worried. >> awe are resilient when we are on the road so we will do it to cleveland and we are not scared to go there. we will go this and do our thing. dub nation. >> the warriors will leave cleveland later this morning. more at the bottom of the hour.
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>> so many fans came together in the restaurants and bars an the bay area watching with nervous energy at blue line pizza you could feel the suspense. fans were glued tory goal and foul. >> abc7 is the only place to catch the finals with games three and four in cleveland and game 5 in oakland on sunday. >> i don't know anyone expected this to be easy with lebron james playing with the cavaliers but here is our forecast. mike? >> the stat that sticks out is steph curry's shooting since he fell on top of his head and shoulder it has again down by half. he is only shooting 26 percent from they and three was shooting around 43 percent before that happened. could there be lingering effects? >> here is what is going on. nine degrees warmer this morning in fairfield and eight in livermore and one in san jose and everyone else because of the lack of clouds this morning you
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can see in the north bays san francisco, and half moon bay a little bit cooler than yesterday. there are still clouds at the coast but the clouds in the north bay are gone. walnut creek is going to see a ton of sun as we hit where the most dangerous heat is and that is where a lot of us have air conditioning. coastal clouds 65 to 76 and around the bay, 76 to 94 and sunshine in san jose with temperatures in the 80s. 70s and 60s, too, with a thunderstorm possible around monterey bay. warmth is back on thursday. leyla? >> this is what you have to be aware of as you make your drive southbound along 101, nice and clear here but when you get to the golden gate bridge it ising sod in with fog approaching sausalito and the tunnel and san francisco. agist your speed.
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it is thick. it will take time to bun off. use the low beams. back into oakland we are dealing with the stalled big rig northbound nimitz so if you are leaving the oakland airport and trying to make your way to oakland, downtown traffic is not impeded but there is going to be a big rig blocking one lane. the closer you are to the maze, everything is at continue sped and we have construction projects until about 6:00 this morning in the eastbound direction and lower deck of the bay bridge away from the toll plaza up to 588 and 580 between 24th and mcarthur. >> the rise in gas prices is finally slowing down. america's money report is next. >> a rough landing for a flight full of pass the runway. >> triple crown winner's classy act to a california charit
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covering daly city dublin leg and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. trouble for passengers on this airlines flight from washington dulles to buffalo new york, going off the runway
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when it arrived in buffalo resting in a grassy area. no one was hurt. the plane was flying for united express. it was completely full. 69 passengers and four crew members. according to the passengers, the pilot said strong wind blew the plane off the runway. >> new details on the attack on government computers and possibly impacting private citizens, as well. sources say that investigators are considering that possibility private citizens never worked for the u.s. government may have had personal information compromised. last week, officials announced at least four million current and former federal employees may have been impacted. the preach was discovered in april and officials say the evidence pointed to china. chinese deny the accusations. >> a man with ties to marin county heads back to court in iran 39-year-old "washington post" corporate jason rezaian faces the second day of the espionage trial.
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he was arrested back in july along with his wife and two photojournalists, july of last year. all were later released except for rezaian. he is charged with espionage for collecting information about the cup's domestic and foreign policy issues. if convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. >> rising gas prices are slowing down and momentoes from the belmont stakes are going on sale. >> here is america's money report. good morning, the rise in gas prices, finally slowing. >> drivers are paying an average ten cents more than last month but a dollar cheaper than last year. analysts predict prices will drop as they usually do in june. >> and "spy," took in estimated $30 million at box office and was the winner. "sansan andreas," merchandising for american
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pharoah in full sprint. we are not just talking t-shirts unusual items for sale online including dirt from the belmont track costing $80 and uncashed $2 tickets and photos of the jockey. >> that is american's money. >> good dirt? >> yeah. american pharoah returned home to a hero's weekend with escorts going the horseback to churchill downs in kentucky the first cripple crown winner in 30 years. he will get some rest and the owner will keep american pharoah in training. >> belmont is the long of the of the three is it is hard to win. >> the joke is donating the winnings to a los angeles-based charity and giving the awayings $80,000, from the belmont stakes to city of hope a cancer research and treatment treatment
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where he visited sick children. he spent several years in northern california and rode at bay meadow and golden gate bridge field. >> 5:16. always the warriors excitement from one got any sheep. right? >> look at the sky. >> that is when you know it is going to be a hot day we got no sleep so we will be cranky anyway and then it will be hot. so avoid us today. >> no! >> glad you fixed that. >> thank you. >> all joing aside it was worth staying up and watching. hopefully, there is another stat i had normally during a game the warriors pass the ball 300 times. the last two games, only 200 times. so the defense is not getting enough respect from the cavaliers or the cavaliers defend. >> our light and variable winds this morning and the three-quarters visibility at
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half moon bay is pushing across the golden gate bridge so watch out. an update on the hazards, you can see the areas in orange look hot. they will be hot. 1:00 o'clock, until 8:00. sometimes this is a stretch but this particular heat advisory does cover about five million of us in the bay area. that is quite a bit. here is how it looks from walnut creek where we are going to see tons of sunshine an area that will push triple digits as the hot sunshine pushes us to dangerous levels. more clouds and remain wither and the heat is going to return this weekend after going away the next couple of days and i will show you why. we will focus on today first, low-to-mid 90 throughout the south bay and milpitas at 89 santa cruz at 9 because of dense fog is over them right now. we have 82 at millbrae jumping to 87 in redwood city to nearly 90 in los altos and nearly 70 today at half moon bay and pacifica and upper 60s daly
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city and colma and ten degrees warmer at 76 in downtown and 78 in south san francisco and 71 in sausalito refreshing there and mid-80s separating san rafael novato petaluma and else in the low-to-mid 90's, santa rosa, snow small, napa, upper 70's hercules and berkeley and low-to-mid 80s the east bay shoreline and castro valley is 89 and 96 at san ramon and concord to 104 in brentwood. now, what will happen tonight you can see my 50s to my 60s and more clouds along the coast and a few more clouds around the bay and as we head deeper into the forecast, sierra thunderstorms today and again they fall apart overnight and the moisture is. coming up with scattered showers tomorrow and a better chance and a cooler day on wednesday and when it leaves, the 80s and 90's are back. >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows more traffic from the east bay and it lacks like a warriors
5:20 am
blue and gold sky as we start the morning go game three. now, what is happening in san jose 101 traveling away from 880, the traffic is light southbound, not there and we will take a trip at the rest of the south bay where traffic is moving along. at the mineta san jose international airport along 101 you are at 67 miles per hour, and 280 has in delays away from 101 to cupertino. a tap on brake headed in the southbound direction and making it out of los altos to cupertino and highways 85, 17, 87 no accidents to report anywhere across the bay area. that is if news. here is a look at the dumbarton and the san mateo bridge starting with the dumbarton at 58 miles per hour out of newark, and if you are headed along the san mateo bridge, there is a high wind at vasery, so make sure you keep both hands on the wheel particularly if you drive anything that is high-sided. >> now the best fans in
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basketball throughout the nba finals we will share your photos and choose an abc7 "fan of the day." the fun continues with two friends, isabel and matthew, sporting steph curry gear for the rally day with such spirit and energy, and thanks to carly for submitting the photo. you can submit your picks # #dubson7. include roar city in -- your city in the post if you are chosen as "fan of day." stay tuned.
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he are seven things to know before you go. the warriors lost game two of the nba finals to cleveland, 95-93 in overtime. steph curry turn it over on the final play give the cavaliers the first finals win and the dubs head to cleveland and will practice before the game tomorrow night. >> we have fog along the coast that will keep you in san francisco out of the heat advisory but it is going to encam pass most of our neighborhood dangerous heat 90's and 100s today only, and i will tell you showers and storms and cooler weather coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> bart riders should prepare for major disruption: no service between san francisco and the east bay for five days this summer. bart will stop transbay service on the first weekend of august and again during the three day labor delay weekend in september. oakland police are picketed to release the identity of the
5:25 am
man shot and killed by police on saturday morning. it is the first deadly police shooting in oakland since 2013. video recorded by police body cameras are being used in the investigation. >> crews are on the scene of a massive fire and add has incident outside of handover pennsylvania with evacuations underway in several neighborhoods. news reports say "stay off," as officers arrive on the scene. >> six the boast musical award based on a novel by growing up with a dad in a funeral home beat out "american in paris," and "silly >> number seven the golden gate bridge has fog and you can see there is thick conditions as you make it from marin to san
5:26 am
francisco so the low beams are going to be your friends this morning and not tracking any accidents so far so you are off to a great start this monday morning. >> friends have begun an online fundraiser for a woman seriously hurt when a bat charted during the game in boston. and the bat hit a woman in the head suffering critical injuries but is grabbing. her family describes carpenter as a "beautiful, positive hard-working single mom." >> dozens of professional and amateur athletes gathered in florida for pogo world championship and the biggest pogo stick event on planet with freestyle jump periods with categories included best trick and highest jump. organizers say the top competitors are headed for the world finals now. >> who knew?
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>> that is the name for yourself. >> we have another full 90 minutes of news. >> including a court decision with the vote today to help you decide whether to contest the ticket. >> a rook outside right now as the san francisco stay line as the sunrises in the east we are checking traffic troubles an the bay area and keeping an eye on the hot, hot f you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas along with leyla. mike has the forecast. >> dangerously hot. i am not sure you can ever get used to temperatures this warm. we will get them for a day or two, and the triple digits are
5:30 am
just today. from 1:00 o'clock to 8:00 every where but the coast, san francisco and the north bay valley. here is a little bit of a difference: fog language the golden gate and that is the backdrop for the 12 hours day planner, the coast is only in the mid-to-upper 60s and by noon we are 76 around the bay and 90 inland and 86 around the bay at 4:00 and nearly 100 inland and stuffy in the evening hours, 88 inland 72 around bay and 62 at the coast. a few chances of thunderstorms in the profit. >> steaming hot. traffic is getting busy. >> it is. we have a couple of new actions. we will start with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is packing it in. unless you are a fast tracker moving down the middle we do not have the metering lights on, if you travel along the san mateo bridge we have a wind advisory but a brand new crash
5:31 am
away from emeryville at buchanan we have the traffic collision, i will tell you the details and see if that is slowing things down. thank you leyla, the warriors head for cleveland for game three of the nba finals and the dubs dropped game two in oakland last night and a cavaliers player with bay area ties made the difference. matt is in campbell with more on the game. >> steph curry may have said it best, this is the nab finals and it is supposed to be hard. last night was a difficult game for the warriors only the 4th time this season they lost at oracle arena. klay thompson had a good game at 34 points and lebanon was huge and he had a triple double 39 points and 16 rebounds and 11 assists and steph curry tide the game at 87 only with 19 points. in overtime james jones and matthew made both free
5:32 am
throws and for times out with four seconds stick turned it over and warriors did not get a chance and lost if overtime. the series now, is tied 1-1 why need extra motivation. our guys love it. our guys love the fact we have been counted out and coming to the series being underdog. >> shots i normally making i knew when they left my hand they were off. what does not usually happen. i don't know if there is an explanation i just didn't have the rhythm or find one the whole game. >> the nba finals move to cleveland with the cavaliers going back home last night and the worries are expected to fly out this morning. the win other in a tight series goes on to win 84 percent of the time so tomorrow night is a big game for the warriors and the
5:33 am
cavaliers. win or lose, it is better to watch the game with your fellow fans, at 13th street there is family friendly viewing parties for warriors games and the 1975 nba championship trophy was on display during the viewing party. >> we are the only place to catch nba finals games three and four are tomorrow and thursday in cleveland and game 5 is back in oakland next sunday june 14. >> developing news anarch struck off the effort eastern coast of northern japan at 11 o'clock p.m. our time. the u.s. geological survey said it was deep, over 27 bart is telling riders to prepare if a major disruption soon. no service between san francisco and the east bay for five days this sperm according to the
5:34 am
chronicle bart will stop service on first weekend in august and during three-day labor day weekend in september. agency said they must do critical track maintenance near the entrance to the extras bay tube. a bus bridge is set up but the newspaper reports that bart carried 989,000 passengers through the opportunity last labor day weekend. >> two men are in the hospital after be shot outside a liquor store in east oakland. the shooting happened at 3:00 p.m. yesterday near the four star market. our media partner reports that a man was walking to his car and another man shot him several times. a short time later police tracked down the gunman who shot himself. both men are expected to survive. >> oakland police have not yet released the identity of the man they shot and killed on saturday morning, the first deadly police shooting in oakland since 2013. it happened when police were called of a man sitting if a stalled car on the lake shore off-ramp of interstate 580 and he was unresponsive and a leaded gun was in the passenger seat.
5:35 am
an officer used a taser again the man and another officer shot him. video reported by police body cameras are being used in the investigation. >> the san francisco fire department will friend the findings into a deadly fire that claimed the lives of two of its own in 2011, 48-year-old vincent perez and 53-year-old anthony vallerio died battling a house fire in dime heights. officials will discuss the department findings and lessons learned from the tragedy. it starts at 9:00 at the department's training facility. >> congresswoman jackie spoke will promote combat veterans and service animals with the event at the humane society and joined by a v.a. psychologist and representatives from several log -- local nonprofits.
5:36 am
>> no one can enter this mobile home after a car plowed into it. you can see the car moved the home from its support. crews used beeps to support the home so it would not collapse when a tow truck removed a car. no one was home. no one was hurt. >> new details on a story abc7 first broke, the co-pilot of a plane that crash landed on highway 101 in morgan hill said he and three others were flying back from a dinner at the harris ranch inn southwest of fresno when the engine sputtered and died midair. he may the call to land on the freeway and the plane narrowly missed power lines and traffic. >> we went to emergency procedures. we decided that highway 101 right here is the best bet we decided to make the pest out of the worst possible situation. >> no one was hurt. he said it was one of smootest landings. >> happening today, apple's annual worldwide developers conference kicks off this morning at the mascone center
5:37 am
with lines growing already outside. people eager to hear the c.e.o.'s key note with the company using the conference to introduce major upgrades to the products, several big announcements are anticipated including a new streaming music service and grand new i.o.s. features. >> a lost folks are waiting outside with a warm day as they deal with that. >> their iphone will tell us that and our app will tell us that. >> here is a look at what is going on, mount stab let is 74 degrees and the warmth is before the service inland east bay where low-to-mid 60s dominate most of the men veal from concord down to pleasanton and we are at 69 in brentwood right now and livermore is 66. now a look elsewhere, newark, redwood city cupertino milpitas 60 foster city alameda and pinole is 57, and novato is at 56 financial district is 55 we have half
5:38 am
moon bay at 52. in the afternoon, inland east bay will be the warmest and the most dangerous and we have the most houses with air conditioning here, 96-104. up to 98 in the south bay and the coast 67-76. moving forward, increasing clouds and it will take the heat out of the our air mass but the steam is possible. there is a shower possible tuesday and wednesday and it is hot again on thursday. i will shoal you that coming up in the big forecast. leyla? we have 43 bart trains running on time and if you are thinking of heading out on the roads we have the metering lights turned on the at bay bridge toll plaza so we have heavy traffic from the east bay to san francisco. before you get there we have a brand new accident as you approach the hoffman split westbound 80 approaching buchanan and albany, that is where we have a crash blocking
5:39 am
one lane and that is causing delays as you medicine through richmond to the split and out of albany to berkeley you are still at top speed if you need to grab the richmond-san rafael the drive, still, is wide open and nice and clear as you make it across the water to the north bay. 680 southbound to walnut creek is six minutes and on to highway 24 westbound from walnut creek toly 13 is nine minutes and 580 over the altamont pass out of tracy to dublin is 45 minutes. happening today california court officials are expected to approve a new rule that will change the way you fight a traffic ticket. curing to the sacramento bee there will an new policy that will no longer require drivers pay upfront contesting a citation. many bees do not require the upfront payment, some do. including marin county. court officials say this new poll would let people have thai
5:40 am
day in court and lessing their financial burden. >> next a police officer's actions under scrutiny: what he did at a teen's pool party that led to the suspension from the force. >> a clean slate for the kensington police department and a new top cop will rebuild the scandal plagued east bay agency. >> now a look outside san francisco international airport is looking leader and hopefully there are no travel delays we are keeping weather and traffic up through the entire commercial break so you are in
5:41 am
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>> covering santa clara, east bay, san francisco and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it was row difficult in new jersey last night as police tried to clear fans outside of a sole out hip hop concert. the summer jam featured chris brown and many others. some fans tried to get in without tickets and were hopping 15s and pushing beyond the security guards. fans would had tickets were not allowed in when the police blocked all entrances going into the stadium. promotors say those people will get refunds. >> a police officer in texas is on leave this morning after video showed him pulling a gun on teenagers in biting suits.
5:44 am
the officer was seat throwing a again-year-old girl to the ground and drawing his gun when young men began yelling at him. >> hands up. don't shoot. all lives matter. all lives matter. >> the teens were in swimsuits. not doing anything criminal. they were having fun at a party. >> officials say many of the teens escalated the confrontation by refusing to leave when asked. >> another incident in texas has austin's police department coming underfire. video of an incident saturday appears it show mounted miss moving through crowds as a police woman grab as man's phone and another officer pepper sprays him. the austin police department is now ticketing a review of the officer's conduct. >> friends have identified the bicyclist who died in a collision with a san francisco police car. 23-year-old d.j. pinkerton was
5:45 am
riding the bicycle in the pack when he was hit and killed. he skidded and flew on to a service road right into the path of a san francisco police cruiser. the girlfriend said that he loved to take risks. >> he knew he would die young. he knew it would be on his bike and not the best we that could have happened is how he would prefer to die. >> pinkerton organized a bicycle polo tournament. the group will miss his passion for bicycling. >> kensington has high hopes for the new police chief after a scandal. the new police chief knows he has a mess to clean up. the predecessors greg harmon was ousted can criticized for how he handled a scandal involving a prostitute who stole a sergeant's gun. hart serves on the dublin city council but there is debate over his position because he serves as police chief and interim city
5:46 am
manager. >> some feel there is a conflict of interest. i don't thissing there is a conflict of interest per say but i do think it presents difficulty. they are very different jobs. it is hard to switch hats. >> heart said the goal is to make sure kensington is run effectively and the first order of business is to tackle the budget. >> east bay mud's board of directors will hold a public hearing tomorrow as they consider adopting new rates much the proposed surcharge increases rates up to 25 percent with the extra money then they will pick up the cost of additional water services and extra water supplies and enforcement of war use restrictions. the surcharge applies to all customers based on the amount of water they use. if approved, the surcharge and penalties take effect on july 1. >> a florida athlete set sail from japan this morning hoping to become the first woman ever to row solo across the pacific. the 29-year-old expected to be
5:47 am
in super bowl by late september and her customer boat does not have a motor or sail but has solo panels. she hopes the 6,000 mile trip will create a conversation about environmental change. simultaneously another woman is rowing from san diego to hawaii to resolution awareness of birds headed for extinction. >> she will not have a chase boat with her and they decided it was too expensive because of the fuel costs and keeping other people fed and stuff like that. so he is doing it on her own. >> brave, especially to do it without the chase boat. >> it is nice weather if you are doing a little bit of sailing on the bay. >> without the breezes it is calmer and better to be out there and when the wart is looking inviting as we hit 80s and knights today. live doppler hd shows visibility is up to a mile at half moon bay. some of the low clouds shipping across the golden gate bridge is
5:48 am
want out for low visibility much the big store fore movie of us 1:00 o'clock this afternoon until 8:00 this evening, and all the areas in burnt orange could be you being overheated this afternoon. try to find some shade and plenty of water. this is how it looks from sutro tower on the left side of the screen there is the fog trying to take over and that is why san francisco and the coast is not in the heat advisory. the exploritorium is looking like the warriors logo. the pink stuff you take with an upset stomach that is what that looks like, also. a lot of us are feeling...not good today. necessity -- it can come back. >> the hottest 24 hours is right new through this time tomorrow. showers and thunderstorms will be around us the next few days. will they get us? that is the key. and heat inland but back to the
5:49 am
coast for cooling. >> 89 today in milpitas, and 79 in santa cruz because of the fog and low-to-mid 90's elsewhere like san jose at 93. 90 in los altos and mid-to-upper 80s on the peninsula and 82 at millbrae and mid-to-upper 60s along the coast to mid-to-upper 70s downtown in south san francisco and mid-to-upper 80s through the north bay until santa rosa and napa, and low-to-mid 90's there. and refreshing upper 70s hercules and richmond and berkeley and everyone else is warmer, low-to-mid 80s along the east bay shoreline and castro valley is 89 and you punch into the 90, mid-90's to low 100s air conditioning are humming this week in our inland neighborhood. tonight, mid-50s to my 60s in most neighborhoods and the fog could push more inland and notice today, the best chance of thunderstorms along the sierra, tomorrow look at this, clouds are coming at us and the best chance of showers to the motor and in the north bay mountains.
5:50 am
on when, look how much wider the coverage is we are still the doughnut hole without any rain. hopefully that will change. here is a look at our cooler weather, tuesday and when, and then 60s, 70s, and 90's tuesday through the weekend. >> walnut creek is showing light traffic at six miles from highway 4 to the 24 junction and if you are traveling further into the san ramon valley, it is still top speed as you make it right into dublin and here is a look at san jose, and that is 87 beyond the tank and traffic, there is nice and southbound it is light with no accidents to report but where we do have one accident really, the only accident in the bay area is right here at buchanan westbound side of 80 traveling through richmond to the hoffman split you will find it and slowing, to president but if you are further to the north you are feeling the pinch right around hercules so 45 miles per hour could be worse though pulling away from highway 4 which is clear with a little bit
5:51 am
of slowing in the when direction leaving martinez. traveling across the cartinez or benicia bridge at top speed and out of fairfield to cordelia interchange along i-80 or 680 we are running in the 60s. >> celeb siting at oracle arena for game two. >> the warriors fan would has every reason to brag this morning. could you make this half court shot? >> peace in the middle east could pay off how israel and palestine could make billions by secretary aside their differences. for over 60,000 california
5:52 am
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>> the warriors may have lost but one fan is a big winner, jason valdez won a new bmw with this. look at it. half time, impressive half court shot with the team sending out this tweet saying your friends will never question your long-range game again. enjoy your bmw. >> guess what? steph curry is showing a little love, shall we see this? look at that the security guard gives a big hug to the security guard who has, worked at oracle arena for 20 years they have been buddies nor years. steph curry has friends on-and-off the court. >> we are not surprised.
5:55 am
>> your heart will be working hard today because of the heat. >> high dry now and find shade during the hottest part of the day. >> livermore is the pick city starting at 80 and 52 and ending up at 80 and 56 from sutro tower we have sunshine. we have fog. from one side to the other. temperatures today are six to 15 degrees warmer-than-average and ill two be warm anywhere you go but for monterey at 72 and san diego at 7 a and eureka at 71 and 81 in lake tahoe and digits through the valley. >> ace train is on the tracks and ready to pick you up. here is a look at drive time traffic, if you are traveling southbound on 680 to walnut creek that is since points. if you are traveling between
5:56 am
highway four or from 680 to highway 13, through walnut creek, lafayette, orinda nine minutes. 580, westbound from tracy to dublin, we are move along at 45 minutes. we have a crash though, still gumming up the commute a little bit westbound 80 approaching buchanan. >> middle east peace, if that is not an end goal programs prosperity is. a new study said that israelis and palestinians would gain billions of dollars from making peace. israel wrote gain $1 20 billion over the in exdecade from a peace deal while palestinians would gain $50 billion. >> next, apple's conference kicks off in san francisco today and we talk to tim cook interview you will only see here. >> bay area hospitals are seeing more newborn these days. >> a look outside the precursor to a scorcher today looking at
5:57 am
the bay bridge toll plaza where things are picking up. you can keep tabs on weather and traffic.
5:58 am
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it's a real medical condition. and while the exact cause is unknown, certain chemicals in the brain may play a role. b.e.d. is also the most common eating disorder in u.s. adults. hi, i'm monica seles. when i binged, i wasn't in control. i never felt satisfied no matter what the quantity was. afterwards i felt so upset with myself. to learn more about b.e.d. go to and talk with your doctor. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning on june 8. thanks for starting your week with us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. and leyla gulen is watching the
6:00 am
roads. the bad news? meteorologist mike nicco? what is the forecast mike? >> good morning. from 1:00 o'clock to 8:00 this afternoon, a heat advisory except for san francisco and the cost and north bay valley. the fog is low to the ground and not causing flight arrival delays. the day planner is ... milder. maybe warmer than what we are used to. 56 to 64 because it has been so cool. we are 68 to 90's already at noon with the fog fading at the coast. we will see sunshine at 66 at 4:00 to 98 inland and still 88 inland at 9:00. if you like to be outside and have dinner it could be warm inland.


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